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imageFor some of you who might not know the Welsh Government have created a target to get 1,000,000 speaking welsh by 2050.

To accomplish this target, the Government have launched the Siarter Iaith to encourage pupils to speak more Welsh outside of school, whether that is on the yard, at home or in the community.

This year, we have established the 'Criw Cymraeg', a committee of pupils who had the responsibility of promoting the use of the Welsh language outside of the classroom.

This year we are aiming for the Silver award. We have learnt a lot from the Bronze award, and have clear targets we need to reach in order to be given the Silver award.

The targets are:
- Use Technology within the Welsh language
- To speak Welsh during break times, on the corridor and in the lunch hall.
- Listen to more Welsh music

The main purpose of the Siarter Iaith is to get the children of our school to take ownership over their language, and as a result, reignite the use of the Welsh language within our community. We will only be successful in our bid to win the silver award with your cooperation and support as parents/guardians.

We are hoping to achieve the silver award by the Summer of 2018.

Diolch yn fawr,
Y Criw Cymraeg


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